What I Wish I’d Known Before Starting College

Right now I should be doing homework, which leads me to #1:

  1. Don’t procrastinate. Everyone knows this, and pretty much everyone ignores. I can’t count the number of times I have wanted to kick myself for making that same mistake over and over again. This semester I have had way too many nights staying up till 4am doing homework. My real advice on this subject would be to keep track of everything that is due, that way you at least know what you are procrastinating on. Also, if you have a class in which you are supposed to write weekly papers that are only collected like once a month, write them weekly, do not put them off until the night they are do (I’ve had personal experience, in case you couldn’t tell).
  2. Grocery shopping is hard. It is my third year college, but my first year living in an apartment, so it took me a while to figure this out. I still haven’t figured out the right amount of food to buy and I still think grocery shopping with my roommie is a bit awkward. It’s hard to know when to spilt the cost, when to just divvy up the groceries, and when to put your foot down. I don’t like the same food as my roommate. I’ve wanted to buy pasta all semester (because it is cheap and easy) but I haven’t because she is a pasta fiend and I do not want to eat her pasta, but if I go to buy any she will tell me not to because she has pasta in the cabinet. And she looks at me like I’m crazy when I buy whipped cream.
  3. Go to class. Everyone is going to tell you this, and odds are you won’t listen. Just remember that you are paying to go to class. Not going to class is like throwing away very expensive movie tickets… sometimes to a very bad movie. But still.
  4. Don’t tell your roommate every little thing that bothers you about them. Only mention things that are really going to cause a problem or drive you nuts. I still don’t know why my roommate is so bothered that I don’t immediately throw the cardboard toilet paper thing (what is that even called?) in the recycling as soon as I switch the roll. Is it really so bad that it sits in the cabinet for a month? On the other hand, if something is really bothering you, try to bring it up gently before it becomes a major issue. My roommie likes to open all of the blinds before I get dressed even though she isn’t even going to be in the room. It is really starting to piss me off.
  5. Headphones. Wear them. No matter how much your roommate tells you that your music/ TV show/ movie is not distracting them while they are trying to study, they are lying. It is so easy to wear headphone, so just do it. Same goes for condoms (just thought I’d throw that in).
  6. If your sleep schedules don’t match, be courteous about it. I’m going to stop complaining about my roommate for a minute, because I’m completely guilty of this. She goes to bed at 11pm every single night (which, honestly, is a bit ridiculous), but I would stay up between 1am and 3am on any average night and as late at 5am when I had important essays due. Your dorm should have a lounge or a laundry room where you can go. Also, don’t go to bed at 11pm every night.

OK, that’s probably it for now. I may post another one of these next fall, and maybe I won’t complain about my roommate as much. College really is a fun and unique experience, so enjoy it!


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