What I learned this Semester – College Lessons

What I Learned this Semester

            I didn’t have a great semester, but I learned a lot (about life). That’s what college is all about: learning. Here is a list of what I learned (I’m really going to try to keep it brief this time):

1)      Don’t get obsessed with boys and Facebook stalk them for two years. Especially if you don’t see or talk to them. It’s not good for you.

2)      Some people are really sensitive.

3)      I am not the only fairly normal twenty year old female who has yet to experience her first kiss. I know at least three people in the same boat. The media makes me feel like a freak, but most people I know are single and some are virgins.

4)      Sometimes you have to make your own decision, even if it is rash. I decided on a whim not to continue with the honors program at my school and it was the best choice I made all year.

5)      Coffee is actually quite good when it has mass amounts of chocolate. But don’t drink it at 9pm unless you plan on being up all night.

6)      Thongs are just as uncomfortable as they sound.

7)      In most cases, when writing an essay you should try to take a side the professor would take. This is utter crap, but 90% of the time professors are not as open-minded as they say they are.

8)      It’s OK to make bad decisions sometimes. I’m finally realizing that the safe choice isn’t always the best choice. And even a bad choice can be good if you learn from it. Just don’t do anything that could get you killed, I will stick by that.

9)      Don’t push people away. Unfortunately, I’m still not sure how to do this.

10)  Friends are immensely important, no matter what your mom says. Whether you will be friends for a month or eighty years, your friends will change your life.

The most important thing you will learn in college is how to live the rest of your life. I really feel like I’m learning the lessons I will need to know to be the person I want to be. And I’m having quite a lot of fun too!


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