About Living in England (For a Week)

  1. The roads are much narrower and the cars drive alarmingly fast.
  2. Marmite is absolutely disgusting.
  3. The people really are friendly. I’ve found that stereotype about the Brits being cold and not at all touchy to be completely false in my week and half here. Ok, so they don’t dance like Americans (that is, they don’t act like they are having sex on the dance floor), but I I’m beyond OK with that.
  4. Are the British hyper-paranoid about fires? Every door in our house has a sign that says “Fire Door – Keep Shut”, and I’ve seen this on doors at school, and in pubs.
  5. Like most American females, I’ve always thought that British accents are super-hot. But now that I’m here the only guys I’m attracted to are the American international students! Ugh! I come halfway across the world and I end up with a crush on a guy from the Midwest!
  6. Lots of bread and pasta. Oh, and potatoes too. And beans.
  7. I cannot cook. I should have figured this out last year when I made meatloaf so bad the dog wouldn’t even eat it. Yesterday I tried to make spaghetti with salad dressing. I actually miss the cafeteria food at my college. And Taco Bell.
  8. No Pandora Radio or Hulu! I guess the internet here has different rules.
  9. Holy Cow, it gets cold here!! I expected it to be really cold, and then it wasn’t so I let my guard down. Well, it got cold all right. You’d think that since I’m from the mountains, where it snows all winter, that I would be fine with the cold. But it’s a lot different when you don’t have a snow jacket. Besides, back home wedo not  trot around in leggings and a light sweater when it is below freezing. And we definitely do not walk two miles in the middle of the night to go to a pub or grocery store.
  10. On the plus side, it doesn’t rain as much as expected. But I probably just jinxed it.
  11. I miss my car. I thought that the British walk everywhere because the cities are condensed, but they actually just walk everywhere because they are crazy. Just kidding. I know, walking is good for you and good for the planet. But it is tough to adjust to, especially since we don’t even have the option of driving.
  12. Thank God for Skype. I think I may have gone crazy by now if I couldn’t Skype with my parents every once in a while. The time difference is a pain – it is 1pm here but 5am back home – but we make it work.
  13. The most important thing about moving to a new place: Make friends and make them fast.

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