So… I got drunk for the first time last night.

            I would like to preface this by saying that I am 20 years old and it was 100% legal since I’m currently in the UK (where the drinking age is 18). Also, I was very responsible about the whole thing: I was with friends who I knew would look after me, I drank lots of water and ate before I went to bed, and I didn’t actually drink a whole lot. Oh, and I absolutely do not endorse binge drinking / underage drinking / alcoholism or anything else like that and I’m really not trying to glorify drinking (I feel like this is a huge problem in our society – both back home in the US and here in the UK). Okay, now that that’s out of the way, I thought my experience last night was pretty damn entertaining and I’d like to share it with you, dear internet.

I had to wait in line at the bar for half an hour to get my first drink (I use the term “line” very loosely, it was more like a crazed mash of thirsty college kids). I was touched more in those thirty minutes than all month combined, and I felt violated. By the way, if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: get your hands off of each other! I get it, you are together! I don’t need to see you making out, grinding, or hanging on each other all night. I thought the whole experience was quiet stressful, until I saw the poor employees. I don’t know how they even get a chance to breathe.

Anyway, I had one drink (a vodka-lemonade) and then went to dance with my friends for a while. I’m a pretty crappy dancer, but half the people there were drunk and it was dark and loud so I doubt anyone noticed. An hour later I managed to get another drink – a double this time. I drank it pretty darn fast, and by the time I finished I was having a hard time standing up straight. I was honestly surprised by how much the alcohol affected me. I guess it was because I hadn’t eaten in several hours and hadn’t been drinking much water before we went out. My friend had one more drink than me and seemed completely sober. Granted, I’m only five feet tall and have pretty much no tolerance.

I quite liked being drunk. Maybe I was just delusional, but I felt like my brain was working just fine, I’d just lost my filter between my thoughts and my actions and words. I was dancing like a loon, and it felt good! We had to walk through the extremely packed club and I pushed right through people without any hesitation. I usually hate large crowds and avoid touching people. I remember stepping on a guy’s foot and stopping to pat him on the arm and say I was sorry – all while giggling.

We didn’t stay long after I started feeling drunk, probably because my friends were worried when I started grabbing onto the wall for support. When we got our coats I smiled at the coat-guy (er, whatever they’re called) in a way that I never smile at guys. I’m extremely shy when it comes to men, but I think I may have been flirting! I don’t flirt. Ever. My friend said to me “I think you might be a little drunk” and I just yelled “I’m DRUNK!!!! Wooooooo!” That pretty much sums up what I was feeling.

When we left we had to weave our way through the line of people who were just starting their night. I pushed right through everyone… okay, I stumbled through everyone. I tripped over a group of guys and they cheered. I know this may sound embarrassing, but I still think it was pretty funny. Guys never pay attention to me, so I was pretty thrilled. We walked down the path, and I ended up walking through the grass because I just couldn’t help but walk in zigzags. As we walked away I said, very loudly, to my friends “I want to make out with the bartender!!” Hahaha, I still think it’s funny. But it was true at the time – he was a guy in one of my classes, not just some random stranger.

I found all of this extremely amusing. I think part of it was that I was still thinking quite clearly. I thought that the way that I was acting/walking/talking was just hilarious and so out of character for me, and that’s what was making me laugh. I never did anything that I regret, I was still capable of making good choices, and I still remember every single moment from last night. I guess I was just at the perfect level of drunk, and I hope that in the future I’m not tempted to go beyond that level of drunk. For now, I’ve gone as far as I want to. Who knows, maybe next time I’ll make out with the bartender.


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