Perfect Days

How can everything seem so perfect?

Even when people are dying, countries are fighting, children are starving. Every time I have a day that seems too good to be true I can’t help but to think that for someone the whole world is falling apart. For someone it is the worst day of their life.

I remember the day my brother’s best friend died at the age of 18 and through the pain I thought of his family. I thought of how this is the worst day of my life so far, but for his mother it is probably the worst day she will ever experience. His death no doubt changed me and everyone who was close to him, but for his family their whole lives had changed drastically in an instant. Everything was different and would never be the same.

And then I thought of everyone else in the world, everyone who didn’t know Dylan. Certainly there would be other people whose lives had been fractured on that same day, other people who would feel pain worse than I could imagine. But for the majority of people, today would be just like any other. It would not stand out in their memory; it would not change them in any significant way. And there are those for whom today was great, maybe even the best day of their life. Everyday people die, and everyday people are born.

I guess these are depressing, morbid thoughts. But maybe it’s important to remember that having a good day is a blessing. Around every corner that worst day of your life may be waiting. So at the end of a lovely day like today – one in which nothing extraordinary happened but everything seemed just right – I take the time to just feel. Take a deep breath and pay attention to that strange warm feeling in my chest and the song I have stuck in my head. In this moment I am happy, and I don’t ever want to forget what that feels like.


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