New Semester Rules

            I will NOT have a crush on the cute frat boy who I haven’t spoken to since freshman year. I will NOT click through photos on Facebook when I see his name. I will NOT let the butterflies fill my stomach when I see him walk toward me, and I will NOT stare at the ground or bite my lip. I will NOT let him into my day dreams. I will NOT think of all the ways in which we would end up together if my life was like a romantic comedy film. I will NOT imagine ripping off his shirt or kissing him passionately in the rain. I will NOT think of him when I listen to music about love or the lack thereof. I will NOT continue to pine after a boy who is unattainable. I will NOT allow myself to think I like someone who I barely know.

            I will close that Facebook tab, turn off the cheesy music, shoo away the butterflies in my stomach and the dreams in my head, and open up my text book and focus on the words written there.

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