The Future of America

Today was a big day in America, one for the history books. I expected to be on the edge of my seat waiting to see who would win the very close race for president. It did not turn out to be as close as I anticipated. And before long I was calling my parents to brag that my pick won and theirs lost.

But in the end I think that America won, and I think that the world won. This may be a bit presumptuous of me, and of course we’ll never know how the world would have changed with Mitt Romney. I will be the first to acknowledge that no one ever truly knows how our choices, actions, and accidents affect the future. But I truly believe that President Obama will continue to move our country in the right direction, making strides toward improving human rights, our perception around the world, our economy, and our environment. Tonight I am proud to live in this improving America.


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