The Real World: Northanger Abbey (Jane Austen character mash-up)

This is a class project I’m working on: bringing together the modern idea of reality television and transplanting into England in 1800! “The Real World” is a long-running MTV reality show in which 7 or 8 strangers are chosen to live together in a house for several weeks. In my story, 8 of Jane Austen’s characters will live together in Northanger Abbey! Here is scene 1, scene 2 should be posted by tomorrow! Hope you enjoy!


1. Interior – Boardroom – Day

Several suited men sit around a boardroom table, with two men standing in front of them presenting a plan – SIMON and MARK. Simon is in his mid thirties, short and already balding, but with a kind face. Mark is tall, handsome, and confident. The Calendar on the wall reads “June 2113”. Simon and Mark are presenting using a hologram version of Power Point.

SIMON: We’ll recruit from the local population and tell them nothing of our plan.

MAN IN SUIT 1: Then what will you tell them?

MARK: They will be led to believe they have been chosen for a government research program.

MAN IN SUIT 2: And why England? The weather will be dreadful.

SIMON: The rain will actually be to our benefit sir. They will be confined to the Abbey on rainy days and this should increase tension.

MAN IN SUIT 2: Very nice. What about funding?

MARK:The main expense will be fuel for the time warp. We will need to take at least two trips to ship the crew and materials.

The men look seriously at one another for a moment. Finally, MAN IN SUIT 1 nods.

MAN IN SUIT 1: (smiling) It looks like you’ve got yourself a deal. You better find some drama in sleepy old Regency England.

…Stay Tuned to see which of Austen’s characters are chosen to live in Northanger Abbey (unsupervised!). There will surely be plenty of drama to come!


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