The Real World Northanger Abbey – Scene 3

3. EXT. Northanger Abbey – Day

The Abbey is a huge mansion, built of stone, with a lovely garden in front and a long walk-way leading to the entrance. A carriage drawn by two horses arrives and Catherine Morland steps out, holding one rather abused suitcase. She is wide-eyed and looks up at the Abbey with a smile that quickly falters a bit.

CATHERINE: (to herself) Well, it certainly is very large.

She treks up the path, stopping at the large wooden door when she hears another carriage coming up the path. She turns to see Lucy Steele stepping out of a carriage. Lucy nods approvingly at the Abbey and walks up the path to greet Catherine.

LUCY: (Standing in awkward silence for a few seconds) I suppose there is no one to introduce us.

They both look directly into the camera, but the camera-man prompts them to ignore him.

CATHERINE: Miss Catherine Morland.

Catherine curtseys and smiles eagerly at Lucy. Lucy does not look impressed, but she smiles politely.

LUCY: Miss Lucy Steele.

CATHERINE: Would you like to share a room with me? They told me two people to a room.

Lucy hesitates and looks around nervously, trying to think of an excuse to refuse Catherine politely. She sighs.

LUCY: Sure. Lets go

The enter the abbey.

…Stay tuned! Scene 4 will be posted shortly! More of Austen’s beloved – and despised – characters will move into Northanger Abbey! Who will make friends, who will make enemies, and will anyone find a husband!?


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