The Real World Northanger Abbey: Scene 4

Catherine and Lucy gaze around the large front room of the abbey, suitcases in hand. There are doors on either side of them and a large staircase in front of them. The walls are decorated with a few expensive paintings and the head of a deer. The floor is covered by a large rug and large windows allow light to fill the room. The ladies cautiously start climbing the stairs.

On the second floor Lucy walks ahead of Catherine, opening each door that they walk past. She stops at the third door and steps inside.

LUCY STEELE: This will do nicely.

The room is very large, with two massive beds and a fireplace. Lucy takes the larger of the two beds, and drops her suitcase on the floor. She sits on the bed. Catherine sets her suitcase on her bed and flops down ungracefully beside it.

They hear the door open downstairs and they both quickly head for the stairs. Downstairs they meet Robert Martin and John Thorpe.

ROBERT MARTIN: G-g-good afternoon ladies, Robert Martin.

LUCY: Miss Lucy Steele.

CATHERINE: Miss Catherine Morland.

The ladies curtsy and the men remove their hats and bow their heads slightly.

JOHN THORPE: John Thorpe, pleased to meet you both. (Wink)

Lucy does not appear to be impressed with either gentleman. Catherine rocks on her feet nervously, still smiling widely.

ROBERT MARTIN: I suppose we’d better claim a bedroom before the others arrive.

JOHN THORPE: Certainly.

The four of them climb the stairs again. Robert stops in the first room he comes to and sets his bag down, but John continues on. Robert grabs his bag and follows after John. John walks into the last room and shuts the door. Robert stands in the hallway looking confused. He returns to the first room begins unpacking. Catherine follows him.

CATHERINE: So, where are you from?

ROBERT MARTIN: A lovely town called Highbury. I live on a farm with my mother and sisters. And where are you from, miss… what was it again?

CATHERINE: Morland. Catherine Morland. I live in the little village of Fullerton. This is the first time I’ve left home. It’s quite exciting really.

ROBERT MARTIN: It definitely is. This is an odd experiment if you ask me.

CATHERINE: Yes, I have a few theories myself.


CATHERINE:Well, perhaps… (She looks around cautiously and turns her back to the camera and whispers loudly) Perhaps they’ve put us all here so they can kill us and hide our bodies in the garden.

Robert Stops in the middle of folding a pair of trousers and looks at her astonished.

CATHERINE: Or perhaps not.

…Scene 5 to be posted shortly! Four more of Austen’s characters will move into Northanger Abbey, and the fun will begin!


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