The Real World: Northanger Abbey – Scene 5

(Continued from Scene 4. The remaining cast members move into the Abbey!)

Downstairs, Marianne Dashwood shuts the large door behind her and squeals with excitement as she looks around the mansion. She does not walk up the stairs, instead she enters the room to the left, a large sitting room with card tables and book cases. She walks to the books self and looks for a few seconds until she finds a thin book of poetry. She keeps it in her hand as she walks around the room.

MARIANNE: Is anyone here! Hello…

She walks back into the front room and looks up the stairs.

MARIANNE: Hello! Is anyone here yet?

The door opens behind her suddenly and she is spooked. George Wickham walks through the door.


MARIANNE: Marianne Dashwood.

GEORGE WICKHAM: George Wickham. Good choice (he motions toward the book in Marianne’s hand) William Cowper, is one of my favouties.

MARIANNE: (delighted) Me too!

Catherine, Lucy, and Robert come down the stairs, John is a few steps behind them looking bored.

The door opens again and in walk Isabella Thorpe and Frank Churchill laughing.

FRANK CHURCHILL: Hello everyone. Frank Churchill. And may I introduce you all to the lovely Isabella Thorpe.

JOHN THORPE: Nice to meet you. Have you previously met my sister?


ISABELLA THORPE: John and I are twins.

FRANK CHURCHILL: Oh, I see! Quite a resemblance! Alas, no I have only just met her a moment ago. Our carriages arrived at precisely the same moment.

GEORGE WICKHAM: Well, I suppose we all ought to find our rooms.

… What will happen next on “The Real World: Northanger Abbey”!? Stay tuned to find out!


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