The Real World: Northanger Abbey – Scene 6

Marianne sits beside George, flipping through the poetry book from earlier.

Isabella and John sit beside each other whispering and shooting Marianne dirty looks. Lucy sits beside them. There is an empty bottle of wine between them and another bottle that is mostly full.

Robert and Frank play a game of cards at the table.

Catherine sits awkwardly staring at everyone.

Isabella pours some wine into a clean glass.

ISABELLA THORPE: Here Marianne, have some wine.

MARIANNE: Oh, but I usually don’t…

Marianne hesitates, but takes the wine. She takes a small sip and coughs lightly.

MARIANNE: It’s lovely, thank you.

ISABELLA THORPE: Catherine, would you like some?

CATHERINE: No thank you, I’m already drinking tea.

Marianne takes another, larger sip of wine and continues to stare at George. After a few moments Catherine walks to the corner of the room and begins silently reading a book.

ISABELLA THORPE: Miss Steele, I wonder if you would take a turn about the room with me?

LUCY STEELE: Of course.

The ladies begin walking, but when they get to the door they leave. The camera follows them upstairs where they giggle as they gather Catherine’s belongings and carry them into Marianne’s room

LUCY STEELE: I’m so glad I don’t have share a room with that child.

ISABELLA THORPE: And Marianne is just as bad. Swooning all over George as if she’s known him for years.

LUCY STEELE: Well, I believe they will both get the hint. Even Catherine will realize we don’t like her.

ISABELLA THORPE: I wouldn’t be so sure of that. She is quite slow.

Isabella throws her suitcase on the bed where Catherine’s had been and the two walk downstairs giggling.

They re-enter the card-room and Marianne’s glass is now empty and she is reading George a Cowper poem.

MARIANNE: (Dramatically) “…His wonders to perform! He plants his footsteps in the sea! And rides upon the storm!”

ISABELLA THORPE: (Annoyed) Marianne, perhaps you and Catherine would enjoy exploring the abbey a bit? I heard that it was used as a head quarters for a torture facility years ago.

CATHERINE: Really?! How exciting!

ISABELLA THORPE: That is only what I have heard, but perhaps you will find evidence.

Isabella pushes Marianne out of her way and sits beside George. Marianne does not look happy, but she leaves with Catherine.

… Scene 7 to be posted soon!


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