The Real World: Northanger Abbey – Scene 7

It is the next day and the eight sit on top on a nearby hill enjoying a picnic.

FRANK CHURCHILL: What a lovely idea Lucy. It is the perfect day for a picnic.

ISABELLA THORPE: Indeed it is a lovely day, but I’m so bored.

MARIANNE: How can you be bored?! The view from here is unmatched. To the left we can see the glorious Abbey and to the right many poetic shades of green fill the trees and grass.

ISABELLA THORPE: Why don’t we do something fun. How about we each ask each other a question, and everyone must answer truthfully.

LUCY STEELE: That doesn’t sound very fun.

ROBERT MARTIN: Perhaps it would be a good way to increase our friendship with one another.

ISABELLA THORPE: Yes Robert, that is exactly what it will do. Who should go first… hmmmmm… George! My question for you is: are you engaged?

Frank shifts uncomfortably

GEORGE WICKHAM: I most certainly am not. Now my turn to ask a question. Miss Lucy Steele, what is you favourite colour.

LUCY STEELE: Ah, well, I suppose it would be blue. I have a lovely blue bonnet. John, how about you next, what is your favourite novel.

JOHN THORPE: I have no time for reading novels. But I am quite fond of The Monk. Robert, how many hours a day do you work the farm.

ROBERT MARTIN: (Surprised by the question) Well, being in charge of a farm is quite a commitment. The cows must be milked in the morning, eggs gathered, animals fed, crops harvested or planted. It requires most of the day-light time. Miss Catherine Morland, may I ask you a question?

CATHERINE: Of course.

ROBERT: What do you miss most from home.

CATHERINE: Oh, that’s a good one. Probably my younger brothers and sisters. Marianne, what is your favourite tree.

MARIANNE: I cannot compare one tree to another. They are all beautiful gifts from nature. Who is to say that an oak tree is better than any other. But I do love a nice oak tree. Frank, I suppose you are the last one left, do you have anyone special back home? A lady perhaps.

FRANK: (coughing to clear his throat) A lady? No one besides my dear aunt. I think we’ve all had quite enough of this game. I feel as if I’ve known you all for years, well done.


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