Trying to Blog Better

So, this semester I’m taking a class on blogging (we will we cover a lot of other stuff too, but it’s mainly blogging) and I’m learning that there is a lot of stuff I’ve been doing wrong. My biggest mistake, which comes as no surprise to me, it that I don’t post regularly and I do not post consistent material. I’m really going to try to work on this in the months to come. I like my blog here and I like that I give myself free rein to write about whatever I want to write about, but I do need to post more often.

I also may be renaming some of my blog posts and reorganizing in general, because apparently you should name posts based on what people would be searching for. Shocker! Don’t know how I overlooked that one.

The bottom line is that I hope to make this a better blog for any lovely people who may choose to read it. Oh, and another thing I need to work on: building a community! So comment below (if you want to, I’m not going to force you!) and tell me some of your goals for the year or the semester (blogging goals or life goals or anything!)

Here is the link to the blog I’m creating for class: (I know, it’s on Blogspot, I feel like a traitor. But in all honesty I like WordPress much better!) It focuses on practical and – hopefully – fun advice for college! Here is a quote from one of my posts:

         “Lesson #4: Don’t trust printers, any of them. As soon as you think you know a printer, it will turn on you. Waiting till the last-minute to print something important is risky business. Leave enough time to run to the library before class, or to beg the librarian for help if you’re already there.”


5 thoughts on “Trying to Blog Better

  1. My life goal for the year is act more. For my blog, get at least 30K views.

    I know you want to blog more and have consistent material but I wouldn’t do so unless it’s all quality material.

    • Thanks for your comments! And you’re totally right, making quality material is important and hopefully that’s something I can improve on as well.

      As far as goals for my blog, I guess it does come down to stats becuase that’s the only way to really tell if I’m doing a good job.

      And good luck with both of your goals! 30k sounds like SO much to me, but it seems like you know what you’re doing! =)

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