No Longer A Student – Post Graduation Musings

I graduated from college one month ago, and it was fabulous and wonderful and even a little sad. Suddenly I’m not a student anymore. And that’s a bit jarring.

I’ve been trying to adjust to this new life; even though it’s really not any different that last summer or the summer before, it feels different. The dynamic with my parents is changing, I’m suddenly worrying about money all the time, I feel so stuck because I’m once again working at the deli and living at home when I really want to move away and start my dream career. And now that I can no longer identify as a student, I’m more confused about who I am than ever before. I’m not even sure I know who I want to be anymore! But then again, did I ever know?

I’m once again thinking about law school. If I’m still stuck a year from now, I will choose law school over deli work in a heartbeat. But is that really what I want to base my future career path on? I think not.

I would love to go into publishing or marketing, but all of the jobs I apply for seem like long shots and I don’t know how to break into the field. I’m also kind of wishing that I had another semester to take all the classes I didn’t have time for over the past four years. I especially wish I could take a computer class and a business class (but no, I do not regret majoring in English and I do not think that my degree can be blamed for my current deli-girl status. I wish I’d done internships and gotten more work experience.)

I just want to know what I’m meant to do with my life so I can get on with it! Is that too much to ask for?! I guess so.

For the first time in my life I’m no longer a student. So it’s time to figure out what I want to be next! That should be exciting, even if it is a little scary.


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