JuNoWriMo Week 1 Update

Week one of JuNoWriMo has come to an end and I am feeling great! It is definitely a challenge and I’ve had to buckle down on writing every day, but my word count is right on track and I’m so happy with my story.

I actually started writing my novel a year ago, for a class I was taking while studying abroad in England. I wrote a bit last summer and a bit last month. But I’ve written more than twice as much over the past seven days than the entire past year. So far JuNoWriMo has been just the motivation I need to get this novel done.

My current word count is 16,550, I wrote about 4,500 of that before June 1st, so technically I’ve written about 12,050 this week (and I haven’t done my writing for today yet). That’s ahead of schedule! As someone who identifies as a chronic procrastination, I am very proud.

My Story:

Sierra White has two days to complete eleven tasks before her twenty-fourth birthday. With the help of a homeless man and a preppy coworker, will Sierra be able to overcome the dark spot on her past and finally finish the list that her dead sister helped write?


          1) I can already tell that I’m going to have trouble reaching the 50,000 word mark. Not because I’m not writing enough, but because I’m going to run out of story. I’ve already written 75% of what I have plotted, but I’ve only written 33% of my word count! My story only takes place over two days, so it’s really difficult to stretch that word count.

         2) I’ve had a few problems with the plot and timeline. Certain things just working how I planned, but I’ve managed to change my story to make it work for the most part. Some of my problems have stemmed from lack of planning and me not knowing my characters’ back stories well enough. Those are just things I’m going to have to fill in as I go and work out in the revision process.


Sometimes it’s hard to get myself writing, but an hour later I can’t get myself to stop. I’ve stayed up late writing, not because I need to hit my word count, but because I’m enjoying it. I’m so proud of what I’ve written so far. It’s a first draft for sure, but with a little polishing and a lot of research I really think it can be something great.

I’ve never been able to decide what career path I want to follow, but I’ve known for a very long time that I want to write a book (and get it published!). I am finally making progress toward that goal. And though it’s a long shot, I’ve always been a dreamer, and I can see my dream coming true in the near future!


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