7 Excuses I’ll Make For Not Blogging

Hi there.

So… it’s been a while.

Here are some excuses I have for not blogging:

1) Grad school

2) Student teaching

3) Grading papers

4) Lesson planning

5) Stress


7) Grad school

But really, I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to open up a word document and get typing. I often think about writing up my thoughts and posting them, but I don’t. I guess part of me thinks it’s a waste of time, and I don’t have time to waste (my YouTube history would argue otherwise). But it’s not a waste of time. Writing makes me happy. In times of stress it can be easy to push away the things that make you the happiest, even if you just end up mindlessly procrastinating.

I can’t guarantee that I’m going to start blogging regularly again (let’s be honest, it was never very regular). But in this very moment, I’m doing something that makes me happy. Maybe I’ll do it again soon.


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