On Blogging and Pervy Professors

           I haven’t blogged in months. I haven’t even written anything outside of my daily journal in six weeks. And I really want to get back to it. So I thought I’d start off with a promise… or an attempt at a promise. I’m going to post a blog every day for the next two weeks. They will probably be shorter than some of my previous posts, but that’s probably better anyway. I’ve experienced so much in the past six months and my life has been more exciting than ever, but I haven’t actually sat down and written about much of it.

            Every time I want to write I think about all of the things I want to write and it just seems like it will take forever to get it all down, so I don’t write at all. My solution for this is to force myself to write a quick post every day. So you won’t get a three page saga of how awesome it was to visit the Coliseum in Rome or a lengthy description of the crazy person I made a pickle-only sandwich for at work last week.

And don’t worry, I won’t blog about blogging any more. I just thought I’d start off with something easy. Your reward for reading this: my favourite quote that I collected from my five months studying in England: (Warning: contains some dirty language)


The previous night there had been an English department party and one of my Professors – we’ll call her Jane – apparently got pretty drunk. One student was talking about it in class and my male Professor commented:

Student: “Jane told me that if we were in Prison I’d be her bitch and she’d f**k me in the shower.”

Professor: “If I were in prison with Jane I’d want to be her bitch.”